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Words simply cannot begin to describe how truly blessed we are!

'In 1974 James & Jeff Spurgeon put the gears in motion from Spurgeon Aircraft sales & service into Spurgeon Aircraft & Marine sales & throughout the years were dealers for Hunter, Catalina Yachts, S2 Yachts, C&C Yachts, Taylor Boats & Lowe Boats.

" Sailors Trailers " designed & Trademarked by Jim Spurgeon in the late 70's have been tested and proven themselves time after time while most early models are still in use! Today many large manufacturers are still attempting to recreate his design!

"I'm Mike Spurgeon now in my 12th year @ the Helm, with my wife Miranda at my side, our 4 children & our growing crew of highly trained marine technicians I promise to always shoot you straight, as my word and my past are THE best guarantee that WE always set out to exceed your high expectations in all our lines of work!" 

Whether you're a beginner, wanting to learn or an avid sailor we're happy to assist you with all your boating needs!    

Contact us today & see why we've been the Right Choice since '74! 

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