Q.  How much will it cost to paint the bottom of my boat?

A.  A base price is $50 per ft. plus paint and materials.  Mid line anti-fouling paint is $175 per gallon.  Your top of the line anti-fouling paint can run $250-$280+ per gallon.  If your boat has blisters and needs sand blasting / media blasting and a barrier coat there is a lot more labor than $50 per ft. to consider.  Epoxy fairing material is $130.00 per mixed half gallon.  A mixed gallon of Epoxy barrier coating is $129.99 per gallon. 

Q.  Do you repair or make standing rigging and life lines?

A.  Yes!  We make all standing rigging, lifelines & halyards all 100% in-house.  We do not need to ship your old items anywhere for duplication.  We have a hydraulic roll swage machine right in our rig shop and in most cases can duplicate and have it to you within the same weekend!  We use Hayn and Johnson rigging and will handle any of your roll swage jobs up to 1/2" wire.  Our marine store is fully stocked Marlow and New England Cordage for all your halyards and running rigging needs.

Q.  What are your sales commission rates?

A.  We charge a 10% fee (with a $300 minimum) to advertise, show and handle the complete sales process for you.  

Q.  Do you have a storage yard?

A.  Yes, we do.  We have a storage yard and a Do-It-Yourself boat service storage lot.  The storage yard is $1 per ft per month if you're blocked on your own trailer, $2.50 per ft. per month if you're on our stands & the DIY Boat service storage is $4 per ft per month plus an electric, water and trash service charge of $50 per month.

Q.  Do you do hull painting?

A.  We do all kinds of painting!  Hull painting, deck painting, mast painting and whatever else you might need painted.  Typically you could use $150 per ft. plus materials to get a close guess.  Then you can add multiple stripes and colors which of course will raise the price.  We spray Awlgrip on 90% of our jobs.  Look at our service pictures for some of our results, and be sure to check out our Facebook page for all our service upload pictures!

Q.  Do you have a marina or a marine store?

A.  We do not have a marina and are land based with access to pull and service/store sailboats with the mast up.  We do have a marine store fully stocked wall to wall with brands like Harken, Rule, Seadog, Jabsco, Johnson, Hayn, Johnson Rigging, David, Airhead, Sierra, Yanmar, Universal, Interlux, Seahawk and much more! Although our shop is almost always open our Store hours are - Monday-Friday 10-3 or anytime by appointment.  

Q. I'm interested in sailing but I hve never been on a sailboat.

A. The LSYC Lake Stockton Yacht Club (

is our local club with many members welcoming new sailors with open arms each year & could be a great starting point for you, both of our main arm marinas offer ASA sailing lessons as well. Jumping both feet in right off the bat and purchasing a boat first, NO PROBLEM, when you purchase a boat from us we will make sure your shown how all the systems function & work before casting you off on your adventure! 


Q. Do you rent boats @ Spurgeon Yachts?


A.  No we do not rent any boats.  Stockton State Park Marina (417-276-5329) & Orleans Trail Marina (417)276-5161 great resource for boat rentals here at the lake.

Q.  Cost to transport my boat?

A.  Every boat transport is different and many different price factors need to be considered.  The highway part of the process will be bid around $3-$6 per loaded mile, we charge an empty mileage surcharge for dead head time, fuel tax and heavy road use tax that usually amounts to $1-$2 per empty mile.  Also oversize load permits per state.

Q.  Cost to haul out my boat?

A.  We use our state of the art hydraulic trailers for all of our ramp hauling, boats that are smaller than 25' in length we charge $8.00 per ft. boats that are larger than 25' up to 38' we charge $10.00 per ft. boats that are larger than 30' or 20,000 lbs we charge $12.00 per ft. these prices are the same for haul outs and launching.

Q.  Are you insured?

A.  Yes, of course!  We carry a 2,000,000 minimum liability and cover vessels in our care up to $350,000 for each occurence.  There have been times where we've hauled boats over this value and we will provide you with the paperwork showing you our approved policy change to cover your boats value, should your boat be valued more than $350,000 to replace before we touch it.

Q.  What will it cost to rig my sailboat?

A.  Rigging starts at $10.00 per ft. for boats under 27' boats larger than 27' start around $14.00 per foot This includes mast, shrouds and boom with associated lines and halyards.  There are extra charges for sail hoisting and packaging.  Rig tuning - (we will set the turnbuckle back to how we took them apart) -if you need additional rig tuning we charge $250.  If a crane is required for your mast stepping typical crane fees are $150-$175 per hour and most masts can be stepped and un-stepped with less than 2 hours of crane time, however there are remote areas we service and cranes charge a 3hr minimum.